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To Do Prior to ICC

  1. All ICC participants must complete the JAARS Child Safety Training prior to the course. Information will be emailed to you.
  2. Please purchase and read prior to coming to ICC the following book: 
    Cross-Cultural Servanthood: Serving the World in Christlike Humility by Duane Elmer. Buy it at Amazon in hardback or on Kindle. (Though ICC is "unplugged" we will allow you to use your Kindle for the book study.) 

  3. Complete the "Cross-Cultural Servanthood Study Guide" HERE. You will be asked to turn this assignment in to your facilitator the first week of class.
  4. Prior to ICC read the entire book of Ephesians 4 times. Before each reading, pray and ask God to reveal Himself to you through His Word.  It would be a good idea to spread this study of Ephesians over a few weeks.  You can download and print a working copy of the book of Ephesians from this LINK if you choose.

    1) First reading of Ephesians: write down a few of the major overall themes of the book (without using a commentary). 

    2) Second reading: look for what Ephesians teaches about the first person of the Trinity, God the Father. Find at least 4 verses in each chapter that mention Father (or God) and write a list of what is being taught. Note the reference beside each.  (Example:  1:3  Father blesses the saints with every spiritual blessing;  2:17  The Father wants believers to know Him better )  

    3)  Third reading: find and list at least 4 verses per chapter that mention the second person of the Trinity, the Lord Jesus Christ. Write a list of what is being taught. (Example:  4:7 Christ apportioned gifts to the church) 

    4)  Fourth reading: find and list a total of 10 places in the entire book that mention the Holy Spirit.(Example: 4:30  Holy Spirit sealed believers, so don't grieve Him).    

    After four readings, spend time re-reading through your three lists and do the following: 

    a. From chapters 1-3 write a few sentences that impact you about the Father's role.  Spend time praising God for these truths. 

    b. From all 6 chapters, list a few truths about Jesus that cause you to love Him more.  Spend time praying Christ's all-surpassing love into your own life (3:17-19) and into the lives of some of your loved ones. 

    c. From your list on the Holy Spirit, write out an area of the Spirit's work that you would like to incorporate more deeply into your own life. Pray about what you just wrote down. 

    You will be asked to turn this assignment into your small group facilitator during the first week of class.      

  5. Complete the Pre-ICC Logistics Form. A link will be emailed to you.                                  

  6. Complete the Pre-ICC Information Form. A link will be emailed to you.
  7. To increase multi-cultural team effectivity complete:

    1. The Gallup StrengthsFinder Profile. A link will be emailed to you.

    2. The Online DISC Profile. A link will be emailed to you.