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ICC Course Policies

  • Postponement/Cancellation Policy - If you need to cancel or postpone your registration, please let us know as soon as possible, so those on a wait list can attend. A $75 cancellation fee per person may be charged for materials used if the cancellation occurs less than 8 weeks before the start of a session.
  • Class Participation - The class is structured as adult learning with opportunities for many small group discussions. Participants are encouraged to analyze and then apply new information in simulations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ICC requires full participation. Due to the intensity of the schedule, ICC should be your priority throughout the course. You will have evening and weekend assignments in addition to daily classes. Clinic   appointments (except for emergencies), meetings with ministry partners, outside work assignments, visits from family and friends and other events should be scheduled before or after the month-long traininig. Please talk with the ICC Director if a problem comes up that prevents you from fully participating. We are eager to make this time as profitable as possible for you.
  • Attendance/Lateness - Attendance is required, unless otherwise stated on the schedule. Please talk with the ICC Director if you will be late or absent. Missed sessions may require make-up work.
  • Missed Classes or Assignments - Staff is available to help participants if classes or assignments are missed.  Please talk with the ICC Director if you have challenges completing assignments.
  • Assesment Criteria - You are attending ICC either because it is a requirement or you have decided to take the course as added preparation to what you have previously studied. ICC staff has been assigned the responsibility of presenting the course and assessing participant readiness for serving in a multi-cultural team ministry.

    Learner, servant hearts and attitudes are keys to success in ministry. At the beginning of ICC you will receive an document that emphasizes the attitudes, knowledge and skills needed for successful multi-cultural team ministry. The expectation is that you will be growing in these areas and not that you will have achieved excellence.

    Throughout the course you will meet with staff to discuss your growth. At the end of ICC an assessment of your readiness for ministry will be given to you and appropriate administrators. Areas of needed improvement may be followed up after ICC by those administrators.
  • Available Support Services - Wycliffe professional counseling services at JAARS are available to all ICC participants free of charge. ICC staff is also available during the course for personal coaching.
  • Child Immunization - Effective March 1, 2015 for enrollment at MK Station, immunization is required by law in North Carolina. It is mandatory for your child to be and to remain up to date on his/her immunization to be eligible for the MK Station.

 (updated Oct 2016)